MyFordBenefits – Ford Login for Employees

MyFordBenefits – This information is relatable for the employees and ex-employees of The Ford Company. So if you are one of them this article is of your help so do read it till the end.

MyFordBenefits - Ford Login for Employees

MyFordBenefits – Ford Login for Employees

What are my ford benefits? How can one avail of these benefits?

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What are the rules to take up these benefits? How can one register to claim these benefits? Is there any extra discount or such for the employees?

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Can only current employees apply or the retired ones can also? Do you need a solution to all the questions? If Yes this article is for you.

My Ford Benefits

My Ford Benefits is an online portal created by the Ford Motor Company for its valued employees. This portal is not only for the current employees but also for the ones who are retired employees of Ford.

The Ford Motor Company, which we commonly call Ford is an American-based multinational automaker with its headquarters in Michigan.

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This company has been in the automotive industry for more than 100 years now. Its main products are Automobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, automotive parts, pickup trucks, and also SUVs.

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Ford is the second-largest US-based automaker. Ford has more than 200000 employees at its 90 plants. The company is listed on New York Stock Exchange and managed by the ford family.

MyFordBenefits - Ford Login for Employees

My Ford Benefits – What Are Myfordbenifits

My Ford benefits is a portal set up by the Ford administration with keeping their employees in mind.

As to the company, its employees are of utmost importance this portal is set up to provide services to its employees.

My Ford Benefits

The cherry on the cake is these services can be availed even if you are a retired employee of the company. The below mentioned are few services offered.

  • Temporary invalidity insurance
  • Long term invalidity insurance
  • Dental, medical, vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental insurance
  • supplementary unemployment
  • Prepaid legal service

Along with the above-mentioned services Ford company has also set up a portal through which employees can claim discounts on their Ford vehicle purchase.

My Ford Benefits – What Are AXZ plans

These are the plans through which employees of Ford company can get heavy discounts and other benefits for the purchase of Ford vehicle. For the easy access of employees, the administration has set up the AXZ plans portal.

My Ford Benifits

AXZ plans portal provides a UPIN: Unique Personal Identification Number to its employees. This PIN can be either used by the employees or can also be shared by them with their families.

MyFordBenefits - Ford Login for Employees

My Ford Benefits – Sign Up For Myfordbenifits

  • Visit the official site of my ford benefits
  • On the interface, you will see New user? Click here
  • Now you need to enter the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number) and then your Date of Birth
  • Myford will reconcile the data provided by you with the one already existing in its database.
  • Once the reconciliation is done you will be logged on to the official portal of MyFord benefits.
  • When you are logged in MyFordbenefits for safety purposes immediately change your user id and password.
  • If you are logged in you can see the complete association between you and The Ford Company.
  • you can see your basic information like phone number, address, email address, etc also you can see your salary, the project assigned to you, your designation, and your leaves.
  • No need to worry about your personal information as only Ford employees and retired employees can access this portal. Without authentication access to the portal is denied and thus the security of personal data of employees with the company is safe.

My Ford Benefits – Sign Up For Myfordbenifits For Retired Employees

The process for signing up of retired employees is almost similar to the current employees. Instructions for which are as below.

  • Go to the MyFord benefits login portal.
  • Sign in using your valid user id and password.
  • Now you need to register for retirement benefits on the Ford benefits homepage
  • Now you can compare and change the benefits you want to continue with. Select from the choices offered.
  • When you are completely done with your selection and you are sure about it click on submit.
  • Once you have submitted your selection you will receive an email of the valid email address registered with the company about your enrolment for retirement benefits.


  • This process of selecting and submitting for benefits is to be done within 31 days from your retirement date.
  • In case you forget your user id and password no need to panic. You can simply visit the MyFord benefits portal and recover your details. Please change your details after recovery so as to maintain security.

MyFordBenefits - Ford Login for Employees

My Ford Benefits – Conclusion

This was all detailed information about MyFord benefits and registration for the following. Hope this was useful. Also, you can call on the number mentioned on the portal in case of any doubts.

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