www.Jacklistens.com – Jack in the Box Guest Feedback Survey

www.Jacklistens.com – Jacklistens in the Box is one of the best fast-food restaurants in the United States. On 21 February 1951, Jack in the Box was founded by Robert O.

www.Jacklistens.com - Jack in the Box Guest Feedback Survey

www.Jacklistens.com – Jack in the Box Guest Feedback Survey

Peterson, in San Diego, California, U.S. They have several chains, which primarily operate in the West of the U.S.

The fast-food restaurant has its headquarter in San Diego, California, U.S. The restaurant has spread its chains over 2,200 locations in the United States.

jack listensjack in the box survey

A massive company like Jack in the Box wants to hear from their customers, what they want to change in the services provided by them and what the things they most enjoy or appreciate when they visit the restaurant.

Jack in the Box welcomes genuine feedbacks from their loyal customer who regularly visit the restaurant with their friends and family.


So for this purpose, Jack in the Box conducted an online customer feedback survey named “jack listen” survey.

They gave an opportunity to their customers, to share their views and opinion on the quality of food, services given by the staff and the recipes they want to try.

www.Jacklistens.com - Jack in the Box Guest Feedback Survey

JackListens.com Survey – About Jackksitens survey

Jack in the Box offers a 5 minutes quick and easy online survey on which you can quickly share your feedback with the company, in some easy steps and simply within some minutes.

www jack listens com

The customer satisfaction survey is a platform of jack listening for you to exchange your thought with the restaurant.

www.jack listens. com

They value your time and efforts, so in order to encourage the customers to participate in the survey, you can get two free Tacos coupons as a reward for sharing your views in the survey.

jack listens to survey

Jack in the Box has many chains in selected urban areas like Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, St.

www.jacklistens.com survey

Louis, Baton Rouge, and Nashville are outside from the West coast which is famous for its delicious fast – food items which include Chicken Tenders, hamburgers, French Fries, Tacos, and Egg Rolls. It serves almost 21 states of the US.

JackListens.com Survey – Rules for Jack in the Box

As there are some rules for participating in the survey, which are as follows.

  • The surveyor should be 18+
  • A surveyor should be comfortable in the English or Spanish language
  • The surveyor should be a legal resident of the US
  • A surveyor should have a valid receipt of their last visit to the restaurant
  • Surveyor can also get a voucher for free two Tacos

JackListens.com Survey – Interesting facts about Jacklistens survey

Till December 2017, the restaurant also operates on the Qdoba Mexican Grill chain. In 2004, Jack in the Box introduced a cafe-styled fast food restaurant named JBX Grill, which gets you fast – food items at a cheap price.

www.jacklistens.com web survey

JBX Grill is the new concept initiated by Jack in the Box in which they provide the beautiful infrastructure, cool & calm atmosphere, best customer services as compared to other fast-food restaurants.

www.Jacklistens.com - Jack in the Box Guest Feedback Survey

www.jack listens.com

Jack in the Box is best known for its specialty in Hamburgers, but apart from that their other most popular items include are Tacos, Egg rolls, Burritos, and Poppers.

JackListens.com Survey – Efforts for customers of Jacklistens survey

The restaurant is also known for its effort to make their customer try new dishes in rotation every three to four months, by including the new items in the menu card.

jacklistens survey

They also serve seasonal items like Pumpkin pie shakes; Oreo mint shakes and eggnog shakes on the occasion of festivals.


“Brunch Fast” means Breakfast and lunch with fast food items, which was introduced by the Jack in the Box restaurant in 2016, for those who want to enjoy their brunch with not-so-heavy food.

www jacklistens com

Jack in the Box is best in trying the new concept to attract a wide range of people, for trying the delicious and mouthwatering food of their restaurant.

www.jacklistens. com

In this initiative, they launched a new sandwich series “Food Truck Series”, in January 2018, which includes the food items such as Fried Chicken, Pork Belly, and Rib Cheesesteaks.

www.Jacklistens.com - Jack in the Box Guest Feedback Survey

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Hopefully, you are ready to participate in its online or mail-in-entry survey now!

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