– Win $1,000 Gift Card – Tellpizza Pizza Hut – is one of the most loved and most participated surveys by pizza and pasta lovers. Pizza Hut is conducted an easy questionnaire survey for their customers to know about what they want to. - Win $1,000 Gift Card - Tellpizza Pizza Hut – Win $1,000 Gift Card

Change or introduce a new item in the menu card, what they expect from the company, what they like about their service, and what they dislike about them.

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This survey helps the company to improve the quality of food, hygiene, and services.

tellpizza pizza hut

Pizza Hut invites all the pizza lovers to take part in the customer satisfaction survey program to share their opinion and.

Feedbacks about their taste of food, the atmosphere of the restaurant, cleaning, and staff management.

Pizza Hut valued and appreciates your time and effort for participating in the survey by rewarding you a chance to enter in the lucky draw by which you get a win of $1000 cash every week. - Win $1,000 Gift Card - Tellpizza Pizza Hut

tellpizzahut – About the Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the most famous and popular fast-food restaurants across the world. On June 15, 1958, two brothers named Dan and Frank Carney, both of them were alumni of Wichita State University were opened Pizza Hut, in Wichita, Kansas, U.S.

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Pizza Hut is brought by the Tricon Global Restaurant incorporation which assumed the name of Yum! Brands on May 22, 2002. Pizza Hut becomes the world’s largest pizza chain by spreading the chain of fast-food restaurants to around 18,703 locations worldwide.

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Pizza Hut offers you a variety of Pizza and other Italian- American dishes such as pasta, a variety of sauces, beverages and desserts, and many more.

tellpizzahut – Spread over many countries

Pizza Hut marks its international presence by spreading its restaurant chains across the world including Canada, Mexico in North America, India.

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Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Japan, UAE, Qatar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Myanmar, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Macau in Asia.

pizza hut satisfaction survey

U.K., Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain, Germany, and Turkey in Europe, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, Venezuela. enter code

Guatemala and Ecuador in Central and South America, Morocco, Ethiopia, South Africa and Tanzania in Africa, Australia and New Zealand in Oceania. web survey

In Iraq, Pizza Hut becomes the first-ever American Franchises to open in the country. - Win $1,000 Gift Card - Tellpizza Pizza Hut

tellpizzahut – Eligibility for taking part in the survey

  • You have to visit Pizza Hut with your friends and family and enjoy the meal.
  • 18 years or more can be eligible to take part in the survey.
  • The staff of the Pizza Hut and their immediate family were not eligible for taking part in the survey.
  • A legal resident of the USA is eligible for participating in the survey.
  • You should keep the valid receipt of your last visit, which has the survey code and store number printed on that.

tellpizzahut – Steps for participating in the survey

  • There are some steps for participating in the survey.
  • Head to the official website of the survey “”.
  • As you visit the portal, you will ask for some details such as date and time, store number, and survey code.
  • Now, you have to give an answer to the question they ask you regarding your visit, on which you have to give an honest answer for that.
  • Then, you have given your genuine feedback about their services and quality of food and many more things.
  • Then proceed by clicking on the submit button for submitting your survey.
  • Upon submitting your survey, you can become eligible to enter the lucky draw. From which you can a $1000 cash prize weekly. - Win $1,000 Gift Card - Tellpizza Pizza Hut

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Hopefully, you are ready to participate in its online or mail-in-entry survey now!

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