The name of the restaurant comes from the surname of its owner, Culver. The owner’s first restaurant was called “A&W restaurant.” She was later appointed Culvers in 1984. Their specialty is their fresh pastry cream with classic butter burgers.
It’s popular across 20 countries that own 700 restaurants. The restaurant’s specialty is the frozen cake.


It is a customer satisfaction survey that the store owner performs to know the customer satisfaction level. They are offering free frozen custard as the survey reward.
For its customers, this survey is carried out online. Customers who visited their store must provide truthful input so they can make improvements to their service. This survey is taken to give precedence to the requirements of the client.0
Taking this survey proves successful both for the customers and also for the company. They offer the advantages of the orders and incentives to their clients. Only customers need to offer their opinion as suggestions concerning their store.

What are the requirements for the survey?

1. A computer like a smartphone or a laptop must be available to fill out the survey with the consumer.
2. A computer with fast access to the internet.
3. Store information is located near you.
4. The participant must have a strong knowledge of either English or Spanish.
5. The code must be accessible with the user upon receipt of the latest visit.
6. You would also need to include a list of the store you’ve been to.
7. You need to have the restaurant number and the transaction number.
8. Please notice the date of the delivery of an order.

How to take the Tellculvers survey?

1. Buy some orders at the store in Culver.
2. Keep the receipt with you, carefully.
3. Visit the website and enter, to begin with, the survey, the 18 digit survey code that is present on the receipt, and the TRN code.
4. According to your personal experience, you must rate the business.
5. You are expected to enter company information.
6. Your personal information should be entered after you have answered the questions.
7. Answer all the questions the survey puts.
8. After answering all the questions, the customer will receive a validation code.
9. When you’re done with the survey, press the Submit button.
10. A coupon will be issued after completing the survey, in which there is a unique code available.
11. The customer can use this code at the next visit and enjoy the free custom.

TellCulvers Survey Rewards:

Some incentives are given to the customers who take part in the survey. To keep the customers happy and pleased, the company carries out the surveys to deliver incentives.


They will overcome their errors by performing these surveys and make changes in their services to make them better. The aim of this survey is to reach the level of customer satisfaction.
So, customers need to rate their views and share the store’s experience.

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